the art blog of rex

warning bc furries u have been warned


messing with style mostly… i had also realized that i had never drawn Gintoki smiling, ever, so i had to fix that. he’s awfully smiley, too!

this dog I drew is the only good thing on this art project

BIRTHDAY boys„, also an excuse to draw happy sei *crying

idk just practicing stuff

I’m super obsessed with grey color palettes, apparently …

pretty happy with these designs, tbh (the ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ are not the parents of the kitten in the middle jsyk)

originally named “Splinter Shell” and after i laughed at my horrible joke and existence i changed it based on what he’s based off of. ‘Splinter’ like how he attacks people, and ‘Kinetic’ based off how he moves.

he’s still being developed, i just had an idea i wanted to get out of my head. comic ideas, still…

stupid strips with no punchlines and overused jokes from the anime! (episode 190-192)

do you think gin could get welfare

gintokitty and catsura give me life i want one (episode 190-192)

Aoba, Aoba! Daijoubu desuka?

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