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warning bc furries u have been warned


stupid strips with no punchlines and overused jokes from the anime! (episode 190-192)

do you think gin could get welfare

gintokitty and catsura give me life i want one (episode 190-192)

Aoba, Aoba! Daijoubu desuka?

finally bought vergil’s downfall and beat it - it was definitely an experience

old sketch i found that i still sort of liked

throw me into jail

quick lil thing to draw out a character for comic… i think i might name him Franz. not sure yet. just trying to get the hang of different body shapes for cats, and making them not just “cats” but more or less a specific breed… i hope you can tell this guy is an abyssinian. Pls

episode 166 was pretty…. YEAH……yeah….hell yeah…

Comic things

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