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i draw a lot of fanart, and post stuff about my comic, with various OCs in between. you can find out about my comic here and browse fanart here!

warning bc furries u have been warned


Thank u for all the new follows! Just remember I do post a lot of anime fanart, and not a lot of cats/animals and I post those the most on my weasyl (manul is my username) and deviantart (crookedlynx)! So follow me there too!!!!!!

Tawnypelt warrior cat request for shinotori!!!!!! + a Tigerstar

So what i can tell you is


found this while digging through my art files


GNAR! GNAR wip bro

sort of a stress release thing i drew the other day… ah a……

i drew a dog and it turned into Ren fuwafuwafuwa

I like this character, idk

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