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i draw a lot of fanart, and post stuff about my comic, with various OCs in between. you can find out about my comic here and browse fanart here!

warning bc furries u have been warned


o wow i just hit 300 followers! thank u all so much!

some werewoofs b/c they needed full body pics. full-view makes them look better. the left one is Vulcan and the right one is Wolfen! They are brothers

Gintoki is just really bad at flirting pt.1 and pt.2

couple dumb little hijigin things i’ve done in the past few days ( 」∠)_

I can do whatever I want, BRO

parents are stealthy as hell OK

trade for somewun speshul over on deviantart. the character is not mine

Wanting to stay awake to do hobby stuff but ur eyes are burnin but u endure the pain……

Thank u for all the new follows! Just remember I do post a lot of anime fanart, and not a lot of cats/animals and I post those the most on my weasyl (manul is my username) and deviantart (crookedlynx)! So follow me there too!!!!!!

Tawnypelt warrior cat request for shinotori!!!!!! + a Tigerstar

So what i can tell you is

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