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i draw a lot of fanart, and post stuff about my comic, with various OCs in between. you can find out about my comic here and browse fanart here!

warning bc furries u have been warned


The people you love, the people you hate, will be devoured; and you will be left alone on this planet, crying forever.

It’s going to take over my life

Wolfy heads

Divine: Intertwine 

I couldn’t draw on Gintoki’s birthday, so this is late :^( So now they’re just obligatory weekly drawings of Gin-san

I am tired of fighting

ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma

You and I are so alike


HALLOWEEN icon blown up… i accidentally merged all the layers on the psd file and saved it.. oops

been drawing a tonne to get in more practice in and improve. so here’s a small Something from a a different au fic I’ve been planning more than writing… This one is a lot darker than any of the other ones ive written, since all my other fanfics are way too lighthearted :p

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